Why we named our site bovine?

We believe it is the best representation of what care about

What services does Bovine offer?

Bovine is an extremely useful free service that provides effective and pleasant communication between farmers, traders and slaughterhouses.

Why should I use this service?

If you are like us and you love to make things more effective and better then we are walking the same path plus on top of that, you can save a hell lot of money. So if you like us, contribute to us with also with your ideas about improvements or services that might be of interest to you. We love to share and we love to learn.

How that your services is free?

We believe in smart advertising, quality content and that you would love our premium services. Well, and of course that European Union will appreciate our project with its funding ... :)

How does the service works?

The services work by sending smart offers to potential buyers who can reply effectively without language or other barriers.

How can I secure my trade?

We will be shortly expanding into providing escrow services with top bank institutions.

What services are you planning into future?

  • Scheduling of deliveries
  • Classifieds with insemination topics
  • Autocreation of invoices
  • Worldwide expansion
  • Consulting for the financing of farms.

You have a good idea and want to propose it to us?

Please email us, we available each day 9:00 to 17:00

Do you have a technical issue or you need to explain something?

Please email to us