The biggest market for cattle and pigs connects buyers and sellers of livestock.

What drives farmers and traders to us?

Advantages for sellers?

  • Save time and access all buyers in single platform
  • Get the best price from established businesses
  • All deals are private
  • We send all offers directly to your email
  • It is free
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Advantages for buyers?

  • Find new leads
  • Save time arranging deals
  • All deals are private
  • We send all offers directly to your email
  • It is free
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Is connecting traders, slaughterhouses, and farm animal breeders. Traders and slaughterhouses save time and money, while farmers get access to our extensive database of domestic and foreign consumers to get the best market price.We are trying to improve mutual relations between producers and consumers. We enable you to effectively get the purchase price of pigs and cattle and thus promote a free market. Offers are always private and are aimed at protecting against the competition.

Compare prices

Simply enter details of your animals, such as age, type, and weight and we will distribute your offer to all buyers who will offer you the best prices. You are not binded to the quotes and you can choose freely, who you sell to, but you must wait till the end of quoting to give everybody an equal chance. In meantime, prices get even better.

Quote to offers

If you are a trader, slaughterhouse or seller who is interested in buying, you can simply follow the offers in the 'I want to buy' section from breeders all around the world and respond to them with you quotes. The response is tailored according to whether you are interested in SEUROP classification or you trade in live weight. Your suppliers will also want information on payment terms and transport costs if this price is to be deducted from the total price.

Finally, you only need to wait until the end of the offering period and we will always let you know if you a winner.

Seller and Buyer

At the end of each trade, the seller has the right to choose the party he/she wants to trade with. Once the bidding is over and seller picks a buyer, the buyer will be given details of the contact information to complete the trade. Communication is then mutual or in case of interest both parties can ask for our mediator services, which is especially helpful to tackle multi-language barries

Mutual rating

Our great added service for buyers and sellers are ratings according to factors such as communication, compliance with payment conditions, and correctness of classifieds. We want to promote payment security and we constantly monitor the behaviour of all participants. Our job is to minimise financial damage and to achieve greater transparency and efficiency for movement of animals. By helping us rate your partners you will also help your colleagues and they shall help you in return.

The Future

We are also creating a platform to educate farmers and breeders from breed experts. On top of that, we want to also support the mutual exchange of information between colleagues.

Gradually, we want to extend the service to the needs of breeders such as straw and hay and we also want to enable farmers to trade in agricultural crops.

Open Society

We are a community open to ideas and improvements that are can provide improvements in trade and if they could contribute to other participants. Ideas do not have to be directly related to Animals, but we will also appreciate those that will contribute to better conditions at the Agricultural market.

We will help you execute your Ideas.